A second year Computer Science Masters student at CU-Boulder, I'm primarily interested in Data Science, NLP and Big Data.

I worked as an IT Consultant Intern at CGI working on SQL databases and writing python scripts! Previously I was an intern at Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore where I was working on preventing duplication of documents using Image Processing techniques. I primarily work in Python, where a few of my favorite libraries are Sklearn, Numpy, Pandas, Nltk. I also have experience using Apache Storm, Kafka, and IBM Watsons APIs in my projects.

I enjoy watching TV shows in my free time (read mostly). My favourite shows are The Office, Parks&Rec and Community!


Few projects that I have worked on.


Empower is an anonymous platform for women to rate and share their experiences in workplace. Won Prize at T9 Hacks.

DLA Web Application

A web application for CU Boulder's Discovery Learning Application program.


A Real Time Sentiment Analysis of the 2016 Presidential Candidates On Twitter.

Yelp Dataset Challenge

Performed Natural Language processing to obtain sentiments of reviews and found correlation between the reviews and stars users provide.

Sudoku Solver

Developed a binary integer linear programming model for solving Sudoku puzzles.

Automatic Question & Distractor Generation

Generating questions and Multiple choice answers from Multimedia using Natural Language Processing. Done as part of undergrad thesis.

Work Experience

IT Consultant Intern, CGI Technologies, June 2016 - Apr 2017

  • In charge of developing scripts in python for processing database changes to Health Insurance Enrollments.
  • Optimized database queries to run 10x faster.
  • Performed desensitization of confidential data by converting Oracle SQL scripts to MS SQL server scripts and reduced down time by 48 hours.

Data Scientist Intern, Caliber Mind, May 2016 - July 2016

  • Created data models for user personas.
  • Classified employees into different personas using Machine Learning and NLP Techniques.
  • Worked in Python and used NLTK, Scikit-learn and IBM Watson APIs.

Student Trainee, Samsung R&D

  • Designed and successfully implemented a novel prototype in Visual C++ and Java for demonstrating copy-safe documents.
  • Worked with Image processing techniques using OpenCV library.
  • Tested strengths, weaknesses and practicality of the suggested solution.
  • Patent is pending for the developed prototype.